Thanks to all who came to see the show at the Henley Fringe Festival and for all your wonderful comments afterwards.  I have two further bookings - Southwold on Friday 30th and Saturday 31st July and then Satruday 14th and Sunday 15th August at the Camden Fringe.  Click on Future Performances for full details.
" I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The writing was delightful... a most polished and professional performance."  Nigel Seale, Spotlight

"It's up there with Shirley Valentine and Victoria Wood."  Simon Williams, Actor

"Great performance, all our family thoroughly enjoyed themselves, more please!!" 
Dawn McWilliams
Thank you to everyone who came to the World Premiere of Beef Encounter last night at the Henley Fringe Festival.  Thank you for your wonderful comments afterwards.  You were a great audience and I am glad you enjoyed the show.
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